Transitions from a Disqus channel to Blogger

Transitions from a Disqus channel to Blogger This is a no frills tutorial to help you transition from a channel to a blogger site with some embed videos to help you.

In case you didn't know about this already there is a Disqus short cut URL that puts all comments for all the channels and forums in place for easy moderation. it is you can just clink the link to try it out.

Adding a moderator to a forum is the same as adding one to a channel, but you can have more than 10.

A moderator can be allowed to change settings.A moderator can be allowed to edit comments. Be sure you trust the person before granting either of these privileges.
Adding a organization administrator is just as easy.
Blogger requires an author or administrator be invited to join, this is also a simple thing but it does require an email address.

Transitions to Blogger and don't forget about Realms

The General Library

Question and Answers on the new Disqus API general library.

I have "The General Library" Finished and considered posting it on GitHub, but have decided against that.

If you are interested in a copy of it here is the place to ask.

GreeterBot Version 2.0

GreeterBot v2.0 Beta testing is done for the core functions. These functions are:
Forum Details.Notify New FollowersNotify New ThreadsNotify New PostersNotify Call For Help The core functions an not interactive, any control that these have is done with the configuration file.

Very quickly the "Forum Details" stores the channel's settings, it includes the fake follower count provided by Disqus, current number of threads, color schema and much more. Currently it runs every 6 hours. The rest can run as quickly as once a minute, or as little as once a year. "New Followers" every 2 minutes when starting with the first follower of a channel and gathering the history, works well. Once the history phase is complete I have found once an hour is acceptable, if you have a high velocity channel this value can be adjusted. It then compares new information to the history and will send a notice into slack when a new account follows the channel, even if they don't post! The…

Greeter Bot version 1

This version is defunct and the process of transitioning  to version 2 is almost complete!